Jay Choi

Solutions Architect

At Veltig, Jay is thrilled to meet and surpass client expectations with practical solutions and delivery methods. As a Solutions Architect (SA), he listens and mines for inferred and unarticulated pain-points.

Jay understands the role technology plays in problem solving and he communicates with business and technology teams to help everyone understand and agree on solutions. Being an SA gives Jay the creative outlet of thinking critically and solution crafting.

Because no one likes to discuss Determinism with him, Jay spends his free time with his wife, two teenage boys, and their dog. He plays ice-hockey and captains a few teams. His dog is the source of inspiration for Jay’s one-of-a-kind dog costumes like Oscar Mayer and Der Über Schnitzel.

Anaheim, CA

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Salesforce Certifications

Veltig is a Salesforce.com partner with offices in Amsterdam, Dublin, Chicago, London, Orange County, Silicon Valley, and Vancouver.

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