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Customized applications to match the way you do business.

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Whether it’s clicks or custom code, we can design and build Salesforce to improve your processes and allow you to make better decisions with quality data.

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Salesforce streamlines your process with accessible point-and-click configuration tools.

With the help of custom fields, assignment rules, approval processes, and workflow rules, we’ll create user-friendly applications that simplify your work.


Apex and JavaScript make way for automation and rich user interfaces.

Our process you let you see progress, use the application, and provide feedback. Iteration leaves room for evolving requirements and makes sure we build the right application for your business.


Insightful data-based decisions are straightforward when paired with the flexibility and power of Salesforce.

Integration and development services link software with third-party solutions. We manage your project and work with software providers for a successful outcome.

“The Veltig team not only has the deep development experience you’d expect to find in a consulting partner, the team has an incredible wealth of experience in real business processes. This combination was exactly what we needed to build a Partner Community that can easily scale as our company grows.”

Robin Anderson, Zero Motorcycles

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Veltig is a partner with offices in Amsterdam, Dublin, Chicago, London, Orange County, Silicon Valley, and Vancouver.

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