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Sage Live provides you with the answers it takes to control your business in real time. It's the instant accounting that brings together people and data like never before.

Bring it all together—create a single view of your business with Sage Live

  • Sage Live is your single, connected office in the cloud
  • Use your favorite apps integrated into Sage Live to have a unified view
  • Realize the promise of real-time accounting from the palm of your hand

Always have the insight to make faster, better decisions

  • Manage your business in the moment from any connected device
  • Base your decisions on financial impact, not just compliance requirements

Communicate and record your decisions in real-time

  • Decide and communicate clearly to eliminate “guessing” from the chain
  • Move quickly and easily from decision to action to results

Inspire, engage, and motivate everyone on the team

  • Ensure team members understand their ongoing performance and goals
  • Get everyone contributing to the success of the organization

Veltig and The Radical CPA are joining forces!

Get the power of Salesforce knowledge along with Radical insight to skyrocket your small business to success! Consider us your front office operational experts and your back office financial data experts bringing you a force multiplier!

For SMBs, by using the technologies of Sage Live, where everything is accessible remotely, it really allows you to have an interactive relationship with your CPAs. Digital accounting means a totally different experience: we log on, you log on and we’re able to work in real-time together.

The power of Salesforce provides deeper and unique reporting, live feeds, prospective forecasts, and real-time business intelligence. It fundamentally changes your relationship with your CPA and your sales team. We now have the technical know-how to access the data we want, and to get the KPI’s and reporting that is critical to run your business.

“With Sage Live, you can look ahead with one source of info, controlling your business from the palm of your hand. It will connect with thousands of apps—making Sage Live fit exactly to the needs of each company.”

Santiago Solanas | CMO | Sage

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Sage Live combines the performance of the world’s best real-time accounting engine on the market leading Salesforce1 cloud platform. It’s the always-on app built for the way business works. Keep your teams connected to what’s really happening across your financials, sales, admin, and more.

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