Michelle’s Favorite Salesforce Winter ’16 Features

October 6, 2015

Dreamforce is over, we’re back at our desks more inspired then ever. Most of this release will revolve around the new Lightning Experience. In this article, I am focusing on Winter ’16 as it applies to Sales Cloud. In Spring 15, I wondered why Salesforce1 got some cool features not available on desktop and now it makes sense, I just needed to wait for the Lightning Experience. Lightning is more than a simple change in the UI, it is extending functionality to allow your users to sell, close, and work faster than ever. Below is just a snippet of information. Veltig is a Lightning Ready Partner. Give us a call if you have additional questions.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that not all features are available in Lightning. Additional releases will include more features. As always, we recommend that you test features in your Sandbox and plan a proper roll-out. You can still use the Salesforce Classic version (the format you are used to seeing) until you are ready to migrate to Lightning.

Lightning Experience is available to all customers at no additional cost. The Lightning Experience is available for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and any platform license for all Editions.

What is Lightning Experience?

Lightning Experience is a new experience, focused around Sales users and focuses on usability, screen real estate, and how sales reps work (not just what they can see). It is leveraging mobile sales experience into the desktop version. Although this release focuses on Sales aspects of Salesforce, the home page, account, contact and case records are Lightning ready as well.

Sales Highlights

With Lightning Experience, sales users can: - Easily view how they can continue to meet and beat their numbers - See real-time events happening with accounts and contacts including insights and real-time news articles - Be assisted on what exactly they need to be working on with efficient insights into activities, tasks, and calendar. - View the new Opportunity Workspace to better see the sales path, get coaching, and easily add call notes, etc. - View the new Opportunity Board to visualize opportunities and drag through the sales process! - Organize Account and Contact data by relevance. - View more information on the screen due to minimalist and space saving tabs and icons - Launch apps with icons, similar to a smart phone or tablet - View social media updates relevant to the lead, contact, and account - Another key sales feature in the Lightning Experience is duplicate management enhancements. If you are using Duplicate Management, you can now detect duplicates WHILE entering data! No more entering all that data, pushing save, and then finding duplicates. This is a great addition to the Duplicate Management feature and will save your users time

Should I Use Lightning Experience?

Lightning sounds pretty amazing, right? However, there are some features not yet supported, including: - Person Accounts - Standard Quotes - Collaborative Forecasting - Salesforce Console for Sales - Campaigns - Assets - Some VisualForce Pages - Accounts and Contact Hierarchy - Opportunity Teams and Splits - Find Duplicate Leads Button - Data.com - Work.com - Territory Management - Additional features (view release notes for the full list)

The good news is you can toggle between Lightning and Salesforce Classic, if it makes sense in your org. You will need to balance the new features versus what you are currently using to determine if you should move forward with Lightning Experience. Contact us or read the release notes for more details on if Lightning is right for you.

Turn on the Switch

Turning Lightning Experience on is easy. Navigate to setup – Lightning Experience to turn on for all standard profiles. In Professional and Group Edition, all users have access once turned on. In Enterprise or above, create permission sets (small roll out) or edit/create custom profiles with the Lightning Experience permission.

Lightning Experience is an exciting step for Salesforce. I’m excited to see the new features added over the next year so that all Salesforce orgs can rollout the Lightning Experience.

Learn more about Lightning Experience and earn badges at Trailhead.

Need help? Give us a call if you need help implementing this or any functionality into your Salesforce org!

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