Michelle’s Favorite Salesforce Summer ’15 Features

Ice cream, flip flops, vacations, and a slew of new Salesforce features!

June 4, 2015

Below are a few of my favorite features in this release.

Customize Salesforce1 Action Bar

Customize your action bar depending on your users’ needs. You can now customize the selection and order of quick actions, productivity actions, and buttons. This can be customized at an object-by-object basis.

Process Builder Updates

Process Builder was my favorite feature in Spring ‘15 and it keeps getting better! The user interface has improved, making it easier to view the current and previous editions plus finding records while building is now easier. Another addition is you can now use formulas and date functions as the value when updating fields.

Merge, Rename, and Delete Topics in Communities

It’s inevitable – as your community grows and more users add topics, the need to cleanse becomes greater. Now users with permissions can merge, rename, and delete topics for greater user efficiency.

Data Loader for Mac

Mac users now can use the standard Data Loader and download from Salesforce. It is recommended to un-install LexiLoader (if using) before downloading Data Loader.

Convert Leads on Salesforce1

For users on the go, leads can now be converted to contacts, accounts, and opportunities. No more waiting until field reps are back in the office to convert! Admins can make this option available by navigating to Customize > Leads > Settings and select the option to enable conversion on the Salesforce1 app.

Prevent Duplicates When Converting Leads

This is a duplicate management enhancement on Salesforce1. Now, admins can set up rules to alert users of possible duplicates for accounts and contacts upon converting leads.


There are several updates to files this release. Now, all of your files from content libraries, including private files, can by synced in Chatter. Syncing between Chatter, desktop, and libraries has never been easier. You can also share private files in Chatter.

For Google drive users, the integration keeps getting better. With Files Connect, users can access and share content with Google Drive.

Salesforce files also has increased limits and bandwidth.

Edit a Published Chatter Post

Users can now edit their own feed posts! It happens – you post a great Chatter message then see a grammatical error, think of additional information to post, etc. Admins can edit posts and grant editing rights to specific individuals. Admins can turn on this feature and control permissions on the Chatter settings.

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